Traveling to Témiscouata

Fresh air, breathtaking landscapes, a national park devoted to archaeological discoveries in a region criss-crossed by beautiful waterways and the Petit Témis bicycle path - that's Témiscouata! Témiscouata charms its visitors. When the wind falls, the waters of its many lakes reflect a landscape shaped by the Appalachian Mountains. Take one of the driving tours: the Route des Frontières or the Route des Monts Notre-Dame. Make archaeological discoveries at Parc national Lac-Témiscouata, enjoy water sports at the Centre de plein air de Pohénégamook, or follow the Petit Témis bike path between Rivière-du-Loup and Edmundston, New Brunswick.

Tourisme Témiscouata
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MRC de Témiscouata
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Municipalité d'Auclair
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Municipalité de Lejeune
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Municipalité de Rivière-Bleue
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Municipalité de Saint-Jean-de-la-Lande
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Municipalité de Saint-Juste-du-Lac
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Municipalité de Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!
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Municipalité de Saint-Marc-du-Lac-Long
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SADC de Témiscouata
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Municipalité de Saint-Michel-du-Squatec
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Municipalité de Saint-Pierre-de-Lamy
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Municipalité de Saint-Athanase
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Ville de Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac (Cabano)
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Ville de Dégelis
418 853-2332

Ville de Pohénégamook
418 859-2222