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7 plan to warm up our evenings

Laura Martin, rédactrice


Laura Martin, she shares her crushes and discoveries with us for our greatest happiness!

You can be a member of the secret group that swears off winter and, when it gets dark, locks themselves indoors with a glum expression. Or you can join the clan of active optimists who take full advantage of the white season, day and night, indoors and out.

Here are 7 plans that will get you out of the house after the last rays. See you at the end of the night!

1. Joining a film club

Do you spend your evenings binge-watching series on your tablet? Why not attend a screening of a film on the big screen in the company of other human beings?

Paraloeil, in Rimouski, and Cinédit, in Rivière-du-Loup offer fantastic repertory cinema programs. The screenings are often followed by a discussion with the director.

Also, don’t miss the 12th edition of the Vues dans la tête de… festival from February 15th to 18th!

Salle de cinéma
Parc national du Bic, rando aux flambeaux

2. Going snowshoeing

Walking in the forest by moonlight: what an enchanting experience!

In Rivière-du-Loup, discover the trails of the Saint-Ludger neighborhood under the glow of torches on February 23rd.

A guided hike is organized in the magnificent setting of parc national du Bic, on March 2nd.

Beware of werewolves!

3. Attending an Oceanic game

Haven’t brought out your trumpet to cheer on the Rimouski team since Sidney Crosby left? It’s time to make amends.

The atmosphere is always electrifying at the Colisée, especially during themed nights. Keep an eye on the schedule!

L’équipe l’Océanic de Rimouski
Coopérative RikiBloc, Rimouski

4. Trying indoor climbing

EWith family or friends, challenge yourself and have fun at one of the two climbing centers in the region: Rebond in Saint-Germain-de-Kamouraska, and Co-op Riki Bloc in Rimouski.

Not only will you discover new muscles, but you may also discover a new passion. You’ll sleep well after that…

5. Skating under the stars

With a light snowfall, sentimental music, and a rosy nose: there’s no more romantic outing for couples in winter.

Among the most beautiful places to skate hand in hand (or mitten in mitten), there’s the parc Blais in Rivière-du-Loup, the parc Beauséjour in Rimouski, and the icy tail in La Pocatière, where an evening for lovers and singles will be held on February 14th.

Patinage au parc Blais, Rivière-du-Loup
Patinage au parc Blais, Rivière-du-Loup
Noah Spa, Rimouski

6. Relaxing at the spa

Feeling too exhausted to dive into crazy projects? Why not simmer quietly in the baths of one of the magnificent health centers in the region.

Many promotions are offered during the cold season. At Rimouski’s Noah Spa, teens have access at a reduced price during spring break.

In Rivière-du-Loup, UniverSpa Nordik offers “spa and sparkling wine” Thursdays, and L’Estuaire offers a discount on tandem massages for Valentine’s Day!

How about a mother-daughter outing?

7. Group Gaming

Are you a fan of quiz games? Me too! (I’ve answered that one first). You absolutely want to try to beat complete strangers on a themed evening.

In Rivière-du-Loup, you can showcase your vast general knowledge (or your great humility) at the microbrewery Aux Fous Brassant once a month with pub quiz evenings.

Board game nights are also hosted at the municipal library of La Pocatière twice a month, and a fun evening will be held at the Centre récréatif PGR, in Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac on February 17th.

Cheaters not allowed.

Soirée de jeux entre famille