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Going for a snowmobile ride : your checklist for an amazing journey!

Mar, 11 février 2020  

Véronique Michaud Véronique Michaud

Winter has (finally) arrived, the quality of snow is beyond great and the snowmobile trails are in perfect conditions. The outdoors are calling your name and you suddenly decide to get ready for your next big adventure - or maybe your real first one with your “machine”. In order to make this trip a real success, we have prepared some tips and advices that we feel may help you out - whether you are new to the sport or very experimented.

No matter how long your trip is, the key is to prepare it carefully! The great outdoors are full of surprises, do not forget to bring with you the essentials: driver license, health insurance card, proof of registration, 2020 trail permit.

You also may want to consider bringing some spare clothing; a warm sweater, an extra pair of socks, mitts or gloves as well as a toque will be of great use if you have to stop longer than expected. Some tools and an extra “strap” will also prevent you from major inconveniences.

Before to hop on your snowmobile, take a look at the trail conditions. You can view them on Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent Web site or on the mobile application iMotoneige. Why not let the trail conditions inspire you to come up with your own itinerary? The trail map (paper format) could also be useful: you can plan in advance your stops or, even better, your food breaks! Which snowmobile relay or cottage is located on your itinerary?

Here is the list and their access to the trails (links are in french)

Not only will you be able to warm up while you eat but this well-deserved stop will allow you to make some great encounters and, who knows, maybe some of them will join you for the rest of your trip!

If you are planning to continue your journey for another couple of days (lucky you!!) choose « snowmobiler friendly lodging », such as:

Even better, take a look at the special packages available for snowmobilers! Don't be afraid to ask if there are additional fees for your snowmobile parking or if there is a locked garage for it. A laundry service within the facilities could also be an added value to your trip!

You are now ready to leave! Keep in mind that it is very important to check the trails conditions and that you stay at all times on the trails for your own safety. Land-use is truly a privilege - sometimes very fragile - offered by landowners and farm owners.

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Have a nice trip and welcome in the World good life Reserve in snowmnobile!! 

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