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Sentier des Coulombe

33, route 132 Ouest, Saint-Fabien, Québec G0L 2Z0


In the summer of 2021, the Coulombe trail was inaugurated. Parking for the trailhead is located on the north side of Route 132 opposite the Bic/St-Fabien tourist reception office. The trail offers you six magnificent viewpoints distributed along a route between the countryside, the forest and the river.

The trail crosses the Murailles campsite, and then takes the snowmobile section. It climbs gently to the first Éloi Coulombe viewpoint (198 m). For those looking to reach the viewpoints more quickly, a shortcut is available. It begins to the east, at the sea road parking lot. Its summit culminates at a height of 257 meters and offers a vast panorama.

From the top of the mountain, we will have a view to the east over the majestic St. Lawrence River, as well as a view to the west which reveals the lands of Saint-Fabien. From afar, you can admire the magnificent Bic National Park.

Web links to find the information: -coulombe

We recommend that you walk the trail counterclockwise if you prefer to go down steep slopes rather than up them. Bring good, non-slip shoes, mosquito repellent in June and July, wear a hat and sunglasses, bring water, go to the bathroom before leaving home, pick up the dogs’ gifts, do not make fire and stay on the path so as not to damage nature!


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