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La Forge à Bérubé

363, rue Vézina, Trois-Pistoles, Québec G0L 4K0


Inspired by the history of this place of words, exchange of anecdotes and rumors, the Compagnons decided to make it in 1997 the improbable location of the first storytelling festival in the region while the blacksmith Bérubé was still working there. After its acquisition in 2000, the organization carried out several renovations to bring the building up to standard and to make it an atypical place for cultural dissemination, but at a professional level. The forge shop thus transformed, while preserving its heritage character and the spirit of the place, was able to acquire its titles of nobility as a performance hall dedicated to the arts of multiple speech. Its interest is such that the Forge in Bérubé shines in the world of French-speaking storytelling as an unstoppable place for storytellers who want to be recognized and present their latest creations in front of an attentive audience.

The performance hall is also a center of cultural vitality for Trois-Pistoles. La Forge in Bérubé welcomes all kinds of events from film screenings to music shows, not forgetting theatrical productions and creative residencies.