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From 5 to October 13, 2024

Rendez-vous des Grandes Gueules

363, rue Vézina, Trois-Pistoles, Québec G0L 4K0


What is the Rendez-vous des Grandes Gueules? This festival of tales and stories of the French-speaking world is a place, a moment, an encounter… It is a particular atmosphere which transforms Trois-Pistoles, which means that rather than being spectators, we are all actors, storytellers, characters, friends

The festival is also an incredible springboard for a multitude of storytellers who walk its stages year after year. It’s a meeting place for discovering new artists of words, but also for marveling at new creations, getting out of the ordinary, rediscovering the tale in all its splendor, reconnecting. The traditional tale is found there, but it rubs shoulders with the modern, young, current tale. This is because millennial or emerging stories can shock, make you think, make you laugh, make you cry. The tale resonates.

During this quarter of a century, hundreds of storytellers from Quebec and from all the cultural horizons of the French-speaking world have paraded, in Trois-Pistoles and throughout the region, who invited them to share part of their imagination with them. La Forge à Bérubé, which over the years has become a legendary place of cultural gathering, has seen thousands of festival-goers pass through who enthusiastically immersed themselves in a diverse repertoire offering the vastness of cultures within stories that always bring people together.

The blushing colored trees have been, for 26 years now, the exciting announcement that the whispers of stories will amplify until they invade the rooms, the streets and your ears!

This year, the party will be grandiose, it’s the 26th anniversary of the Rendez-vous des Grandes Gueules!

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