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Réserve faunique de Rimouski (SÉPAQ)

112, route de la Réserve, Saint-Narcisse de Rimouski, Québec G0K 1S0


Photo credit: SÉPAQ

Many developed sites allow you to discover moose, white-tailed deer and beaver. Birds, including raptors, are easy to observe there. It’s the ideal place to train your next generation!

Moreover, a grass fishing site is specially designed for children. Also have access to vast and exclusive hunting areas, a wide range of accommodation and unique cutting-edge cartographic tools; the perfect scenario for a successful hunting trip.

FishingBrook trout, splake

Small game hunting Ruffed grouse, spruce grouse, snowshoe hare, migratory birds (you must hold a migratory bird hunting permit)

Black Bear Hunting – bear hunting is also offered in the spring. Trophy hunters choose this reserve for the quality of its black bear herd.

Moose – quota hunting of moose is divided into American and European plans. Harvesting of males, females and calves is permitted each year.

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