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Pourvoirie de la Seigneurie du Lac Métis

Lac Métis, La Rédemption, Québec G0K 1K0


For fishing enthusiasts, gray trout is undoubtedly the king of the great Lac Métis. Brook trout, commonly called speckled trout, are found both in Lac Métis and in several bodies and watercourses scattered throughout the territory. For salmon fishing enthusiasts, the Métis River offers the opportunity to tease this great king of our rivers thanks to a quota pit also present on the territory of the outfitter.

The moose is free contradicts the star species of the Pourvoirie de la Seigneurie du Lac Métis. Currently, the density is greater than 23 moose per 10 km², reaching even up to 30 moose per 10 km² in certain sectors of the territory.

We can also encounter the white-tailed deer as well as the black bear .For small game hunting enthusiasts, the main species encountered are ruffed grouse, snowshoe hare, spruce grouse and American woodcock.

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