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Distillerie Témiscouata

557 Des Pionniers, Auclair, Québec G0L 1A0
Distillerie Témiscouata à Auclair


The Distillerie Témiscouata brings together more than forty maple producers from Témiscouata around an innovative maple development project. Together, they create acerum, an unparalleled eau-de-vie, proudly Quebecois, which carries within it the DNA of its territory. Directly from our forests, the maple reveals itself in all its immensity.

An exclusivity specific to our terroir, harvested, fermented and distilled in the region, and which has the potential to appeal to spirits lovers around the world.

Together. Passionate. Rooted.

Products offered

White acerum – Eau-de-vie from Quebec, pure, unaged. Aromatic notes of pear, flowers and honey.

Brown Acerum – Quebec brandy, aged in oak barrels. Aromatic notes of caramel, vanilla and coconut.