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Bureau d'information de Rimouski

marina de Rimouski, Rimouski, Québec G5L 7C3


A vacation in Rimouski…Everything… Very close! Do you know many vacation destinations where you can go from the sea to the mountains without leaving the city? Go to the forest without taking your car? Kayaking or sailing a stone’s throw from trendy cafes? Admire the sunsets from your hotel room? Pedaling along the river…in town? They are rare, these fabulous places. But they exist. And Rimouski is one of them.

With its rural high country, its 55 kilometers of coastline and its many attractions just minutes from downtown, Rimouski has a lot to offer you. Are you looking for a place where you can fulfill in a single stay – and without running – your sporty, contemplative, outdoor enthusiast, music lover, gourmet and/or history buff side? Come to Rimouski!

Free parking for all visitors living more than 200km from Rimouski. Available at the Rimouski tourist information office.

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