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Boulangerie Du pain... c'est tout!

A-608, avenue Painchaud, La Pocatière, Québec G0R 1Z0


Bread… that’s all! is an artisanal and family bakery, established in La Pocatière since 2023, the bakery continues its work which consists of highlighting the products of the Côte-du-Sud.

The two owners, Charles and Émilie, have given themselves the mission through their company to contribute to the promotion of the art of bread!

It is made from flours from La Seigneurie des Aulnaies, made from organic wheat from the region and ground on stone millstones, which they transform into breads and pastries. For them, the choice of local, organic and seasonal raw materials is a super important element. In addition, they avoid adding additives, colorings or preservatives to their products.

You will therefore taste breads rich in aromas that enhance “homemade”. Breads from the bakery Bread… that’s everything! are also more digestible since they are made from sourdough, which also gives them longer shelf life and better taste. In addition, thanks to a mixture of flour and slow and short kneading, their glycemic index is reduced.

It is in fact an evolving bakery since the owners aim for the continuous improvement of their artisan work. They are constantly looking for new flours or new processes that will make their bread healthier and more digestible.

It is also a place to discuss, learn and exchange since Charles and Émilie are keen to pass on their knowledge to you.

Take pleasure in discovering their healthy products!


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