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Berceau du Kamouraska

67 Avenue Morel, Kamouraska, Québec G0L 1M0
Berceau du Kamouraska


The Berceau-de-Kamouraska heritage site corresponds to the first civil and religious center of Kamouraska which developed between 1692 and 1791. This vast landscaped area includes the old cemetery, a fieldstone souvenir chapel, several wooden crosses identifying the location of old churches and presbyteries as well as numerous commemorative plaques. Surrounded by a fence, the Berceau-de-Kamouraska heritage site is located along Route 132, approximately 2 kilometers east of the current village core of the municipality of Kamouraska.


Discover a memorial chapel, commemorative plaques of the Michaud, Levasseur, Malenfant, Kirouac, Raymond dit Phocas, Roy dit Desjardins, Dionne, Albert and Thériault families, the location of the second church, the presbytery, the first cemetery of Kamouraska and the monument to the memory of the pioneers with more than 220 surnames.

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