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TOP 7 evening activities in Bas-Saint-Laurent


Raphaël Delobbe

In Bas-Saint-Laurent, wherever you are along the river, sunsets are a spectacular sight. Over the years, watching the sun set has become a must in the region.

You can watch the magnificent sunsets on a stroll with friends or on a family picnic. Every time, the sun will show you its true colors.

But don’t go to bed too soon! Once the sun has set, there’s still plenty to discover to liven up your evenings and take full advantage of the attractions the Bas-Saint-Laurent region has to offer.

Choose from hundreds of microbrewery beers


What could be better than enjoying a unique beer with friends to wash down the evening?


Bas-Saint-Laurent’s nine microbreweries are exceptional places to discover new flavors. They offer local products in a warm, festive atmosphere, all evening long, even on the terrace!In addition to offering a wide variety of beers, the microbreweries’ beers are created from local products, making them rich in flavor and quality.

In addition to being offered in a wide variety, microbrewery beers are created using local ingredients, making them undoubtedly flavorful and high-quality beers. Thus, they represent the perfect blend of discovery and enjoyment.

Route des bières de l’Est du Québec


Kayak off into the sunset

When the sun sets over the horizon, kayakers are privileged witnesses to a unique scene. It’s the ideal moment to admire the colors of the sky while letting yourself be guided by the river’s waves.


Several Bas-Saint-Laurent companies offer this activity on the river, including SEBKA in Kamouraska, Coop Kayak de mer in Trois-Pistoles and Aventures Archipel in Rimouski.


And, tide permitting, you can paddle to the islands along the river’s south shore.

An evening at Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche

Starting at 10 p.m., Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche presents “À temps”, an open-air show full of twists and turns.


The acrobats deliver an impressive performance in an original setting, using a 60-foot-high rock face.

Taking advantage of the darkness after sunset, “À temps” will transport you to a world out of the ordinary, where acrobatics, music, dance and costumes will sweep you off your feet.

The show runs from July 6 to September 3.

Stories from the Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer


What could be better than a bedtime story?


The “Mystical Legend of the Stranger from the Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer” tales will have you dreaming before bedtime.


Told by a fairytale character, it will transport the whole family into a fantastic universe.

Once the last rays of sunlight disappear, the “Portes d’Oniria” and the “Route du Diable” light up in a magical setting, accompanied by soundtracks.

Presented in a natural and authentic environment, don’t hesitate to discover the night hike and admire the illuminated Grand Sault waterfall.

Let yourself be charmed by the stars at ASTER


Impressed by the beauty of the stars and the mysteries of the Universe?


The ASTER observatory offers you the opportunity to observe the Perseids in August. This scientific interpretation organization is equipped with a 16″ diameter telescope and an impressive dome which, once the sun goes down, you won’t want to miss.


The observatory also offers training in the secrets of the sky and the chance to adopt a star. These are activities that will appeal to all members of the family, whatever your age or knowledge.

Night-time activities in the national parks

Even if the sun is no longer shining in the sky, our national parks are still going strong, offering plenty of activities for the whole family. At parc national du Bic, you can watch bats, attend storytelling evenings at Ferme Rioux, and take a night hike to contemplate the different changes that take place in the forest at night.

Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata also offers storytelling activities around the fire. For the more active, it’s possible to go rabaska rafting on the lake at dusk, with or without a Wolastoqiyik guide-interpreter. There’s something for everyone!

Keep an eye out for these activities on the parks’ Facebook page, where detailed programming is presented every week.

FB-Parc national du Bic
FB-Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata

Not to mention all the festivals taking place all over Bas-Saint-Laurent, with many evening shows!