Sentier national au Bas-Saint-Laurent

The north-south portion of the National Hiking Trail passes through ten municipalities from Trois-Pistoles to Dégelis. It crosses the Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata, Québec’s newest provincial park, which is still being developed. Divided into twelve sections, each extending over 8 to 15 kilometres, the trail covers 144 kilometres and forms the longest trail system in the Bas-Saint-Laurent devoted exclusively to hiking. 

Attractions and Activities

Trois-Pistoles/Dégelis Section
This portion of the trail extends over 144 kilometres (12 segments) from Trois-Pistoles to Dégelis. Winding among many lakes and rivers, the trail also passes through the new Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata. As they walk along the shorelines and cross over rivers on footbridges, hikers are following paths once used by Native American tribes travelling between the St. Lawrence and the Bay of Fundy. Some segments are open for snowshoeing in winter.
Seven rustic cabins along the trail can accommodate up to eight people and are open year round. Reservations required. Other types of lodging are available near the trail. There are parking areas and information signs at the trailhead and the end of each segment. Access to the trail is free, except on the sections within the Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata, where a daily fee is required. Pets on leash allowed on the trail segments outside of the Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata.
Le Chemin du Roy Section
This 31-kilometre section uses the Route verte bike trail, which traverses the municipalities of Trois-Pistoles, Notre-Dame-des-Neiges and Saint-Simon. The western starting point is located near the marina building in Trois-Pistoles and the eastern end is at the intersection of Chemin Porc-Pic and Route 132 in Saint-Simon. This portion of the National Hiking Trail in Bas-Saint-Laurent offers many scenic views of the St. Lawrence.
Chute-Neigette/Mont-Comi Section
Stretching almost 15 kilometres, this intermediate/advanced level section follows a ridge above the Neigette river valley. The trail offers views over farmland, mountains and the St. Lawrence. It begins at Chute Neigette, a 100-foot waterfall in Saint-Anaclet, and ends at the Parc du Mont-Comi in Saint-Donat, where Mont Comi reaches an altitude of 575 metres. Highlights include the Rivière Neigette, the footbridge overlooking the Neigette waterfall, a covered bridge, the well-preserved ruins of a lime kiln, numerous views over the valley and a hilly landscape dominated by Mont Comi.
The parking lot at the Chute Neigette trailhead is located on Route du Fourneau-à-Chaux, about 1.5 kilometres south of Rang Neigette. To get there from Saint-Anaclet, take Route Neigette (west of the church on Rue Principale) toward the south. Drive to the end of Route Neigette, then turn left onto Rang Neigette, heading east. After about 2 kilometres, turn right onto Route du Fourneau-à-Chaux.
To reach Parc du Mont-Comi starting from Saint-Donat, head south on Route 298. After about 6 kilometres, turn right onto Chemin du Plateau, which leads to the ski resort. Follow this road to the ski lodge, where the parking lot is shared with that of the National Hiking Trail.
Access to the trail is free, except on the sections within the Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata, where a daily fee is obligatory.

For information on the trail and services, to reserve a shelter, packages or to get a map and guidebook, contact the Corporation du Sentier national au Bas-Saint-Laurent at 418 714-2599.
Leashed pets allowed on the trail sections outside of the Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata.

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