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Route des Navigateurs

Haltes marines

Scattered among the towns and villages along the Route des Navigateurs on the south shore of the St. Lawrence, the Réseau des Haltes marines (maritime site network) lets you explore many aspects of the marine life and maritime culture of the Bas-Saint-Laurent. This discovery trail offers two different types of sites.

The first type, the Sea Stations, are fascinating educational centres focusing on the marine environment. Would you like to survey marine life with a wildlife specialist, touch a starfish for the first time, or participate in banding wild ducks? These are just a few of the many available activities.

The Pilot Stations, the second type of site, are magnificent natural sites providing free public access to the St. Lawrence. The perfect place to stretch your legs in the great outdoors!

To learn more, visit www.haltesmarinesbsl.ca.