Traverse de l'Île-Verte

Attractions and Activities

The L'Île-Verte ferry is your ticket to exploring the charming, idyllic landscape of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs (known as L’Île-Verte), a place where serenity meets rugged beauty. 
This island in the Lower St. Lawrence region is a great place to reconnect with nature, offering spectacular views over the St. Lawrence Seaway and the mountains of Charlevoix, with sunsets that will take your breath away. Since the main dirt road linking one end of the island to the other is only 13 km long, it’s an ideal spot to explore by bike or by foot. 
Reservation is mandatory. Customer service for this ferry route is provided in partnership with Société Inter-Rives.
The ferry operates from the end of April to the middle of November. During the annual periods of freeze and thaw, an air transportation is available.
MV Peter-Fraser capacity 70 passengers and 12 vehicles
70, rue du Quai
G0L 1K0
Tel.: 418 898-2843
Tel. (2): 418 643-2019 poste 295