Les Halles Saint-Germain

Les Halles Saint-Germain

Attractions and Activities

At this unique indoor market, the shopkeepers offer personal service and expert advice. Explore the vast array of shops and products: bakery, butcher shop, dairy bar, beer and wine store, coffee shop, chocolate shop, confectionery, gourmet food store, cheese shop, fruit and vegetable stand, fish and seafood market, charcuterie, pastries, prepared dishes, smoked meats, sausages and tea room. Enjoy your purchases in the indoor food court or on the outdoor terraces. ATM and Internet. 

Open: from 9 am to 6 pm; Thursday and Friday, until 9 pm.
No pets allowed.

Boutcher's shop 721-4418
Bakery 725-1812
Dairy 725-5707
Cheese shop 721-3878
Café 725-5411
Sausage shop 723-3666
Fishery 730-0500

Memberships and Honours
115, rue Saint-Germain Ouest
G5L 4B6
Tel.: 418 730-0500