Aviation MH

 Located at the Rivière-du-Loup airport, Aviation MH invites you to explore the Bas-Saint-Laurent from the air. Whether on your own or in a groups of three, join us in flight to take in the islands and scenery of our beautiful region.

Attractions and Activities

Explore the Bas-Saint-Laurent from the air with Aviation MH, located at the Rivière-du-Loup airport. Join us for a scenic aerial tour around the city to take in the bird’s-eye views of the landscapes and islands. For thrill seekers, we also offer acrobatic flights accompanied by our aerobatics specialist. Come get your adrenaline pumping while flying rolls, loops, spins, hammerhead stalls and other manoeuvres. 
Call or check the website for schedule and cost.
Gift certificates available. 
600, rue Fraserville
G0L 1Y0
Tel.: 418 867-5001
Tel. (2): 418 894-7492