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Route des Navigateurs

Route des Navigateurs

Since the days of Jacques Cartier, sailors from the world over have travelled the St. Lawrence River and its estuary. The Route des Navigateurs bears witness to the history of this great waterway and the settlement of its shores.


The Route des Navigateurs follows the course of the river along Route 132, crossing three tourist regions. It begins in the west at Baie-du-Febvre in the Centre-du-Québec, continues in the Chaudière-Appalaches and ends in the east at Sainte-Luce in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.


The entire trip covers over 470 kilometres, showcasing diverse aspects of the St. Lawrence River. Take the time to discover this landscape of special beauty and enjoy all the pleasures of the seaside. Plunge into an inspiring maritime experience by visiting the attractions and taking part in the vast range of available activities.

To follow the Route des Navigateurs is to enjoy the splendor of innumerable panoramas, the generous gift of the St. Lawrence and its islands. Since we know you won’t want to miss a thing, we have carefully indicated each site on the map, using sail-shaped symbols. So cast off on a voyage of discovery and search for unforgettable treasure!

All along the way, a variety of activities invite you to explore the different facets of this theme. For example : the Réseau des Haltes marines de la route des Navigateurs ; the reconstitution of rooms in period homes ; learning fishing techniques ; observation of guillemots ; whale watching cruises ; sea kayak outings and more.

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