Boulangerie Niemand

Established in a Victorian home built in 1903, this bakery shop features hand-shaped hearth-baked sourdough breads. Whole grain flour is stone-milled to provide maximum freshness and nutritive value, using grain grown here in Kamouraska. Pastries, preserves, vinegars made with local berries and other delicacies featuring regional products. 

Attractions and Activities

Across from the church, the scent of fresh bread has mingled with the salt breeze of the St. Lawrence for over 20 years. Specializing in fresh and healthy food, the bakery offers highly nutritious products. The handkneaded and hearth-baked breads, some with fillings and glazes, are made with locally grown grains using whole-grain flour milled on site or sifted flour. Original pastries combine local flavours with European tradition.
8 am to 6 pm.
Early May to June 23: Thursday to Sunday.
June 24 to Labour Day: Monday to Sunday.
Labour Day at the end of October: Thursday to Sunday.
No pets allowed
Memberships and Honours

82, avenue Morel
G0L 1M0
Tel.: 418 492-1236
Fax: 418 492-6840